Same Game Multiples


The Algosport same game multiples product comes packed with features

In Play

Our same game multiples product is available for in-play as well as pre-event

Cash Out

Our product comes with all variants of cash out as standard

Multiple Sports

A wide range of sports are currently supported

All Markets

Our product works across all betting markets including those which have been avoided by other suppliers

All Events

The Algosport Betbuilder is available on every match within your sportsbook

Pricing Consistency

We use the odds that are available within your sportsbook to maintain consistency with your overrounds and view on the match

Reduce screen clutter

By utilising the markets already displayed to the customer, pre-combined markets within your sportsbook can be removed to free up screen space

How it works

The customer's selections are sent via an API to the Algosport engine which can be hosted internally or externally

Step 1
Customer adds the selections via the betslip
Step 2
These selections and prices are sent via the API to the Algosport engine
Step 3
The Algosport engine will calculate the odds, taking into account the related contingencies and the odds for the individual selections
Step 4
The odds are returned back via the API
Step 5
The odds are displayed via the betslip, no more displaying "Singles only", display the odds instead!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for any questions not covered below

What sports are currently available?

Football, Basketball, Tennis, Snooker and Handball. We will be releasing other sports in the near future.

How is pricing consistency maintained?

When calculating the price for the Multiple we take into account the prices of the individual selections within your sportsbook.

Is it compatible with our existing pricing solutions?

Yes, Algosport has no supplier dependencies. Whether you have an internal or external pricing solution, the Algosport Betbuilder is compatible and will maintain consistency with those odds.

What other features are included?

The Algosport Betbuilder can be used to generate new markets that can be displayed within your event page, if these markets are not in the coverage of your pricing suppliers.

What margins can we expect?

Our customers are typically grossing margins of around 40%.

Is there a demo available?

Yes! Contact us today to arrange a demo.

Fun Facts

Algosport's same game multiples are available in most of major UK/IRE betting shops

70 % coverage of UK betting shops
25 No. of countries


Screenshots of the Algosport same game multiple product


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